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Wedding DJ Entertainment

I believe that every wedding should be unique, fun, customizable and entertaining for your guests.

A big part of your wedding is the actual celebration of the day. We are here to celebrate love, family, and friends.

As you begin this process in finding the right DJ for your celebration I would encourage you to evaluate what role you want your DJ to have in your day and were it ranks in your priority.  Not all DJ's are the same, we differ in personality, how we mix the music, our interactions with your guests on and off the microphone to what type of equipment we bring to your event.

​Weddings are also super complex, every wedding is different, the guests, families, different age groups, and where people come from. So finding a DJ who can help you celebrate your experience is not just the music we play, but someone who can bring all of that together.

I have developed a "Best Wedding Ever" approach that has evolved over the past 15 years DJing weddings in Colorado. Everything that I do as a DJ is custom tailored to you, your families and guests.  Before your wedding day, the success of the day will begin with many in-depth consultation and wedding panning sessions with me personally throughout the process to discuss all of the details .

I believe in non-stop entertainment and ensuring the flow is seamless from your ceremony until the last dance of the night. The combination of your wedding style, your vision, the musical vibe, personalized announcements, collaborating with your other wedding pros, to any event enhancements are all apart of the equation in developing an entertainment driven agenda.

Do you want to create an experience for your guests that will blow them away? Let's give them a reason to celebrate and party with you!


Our Approach & How We Get To Know You

So what’s my secret? I have an approach that matches the detail and vision of a professional event planner that is completely entertainment driven around your goals, music interest and experience you your guests to have.

You get to meet with me 1 on 1 to discuss all of the details. I want to hear about who you have invited, your families, friends and everything you

want. I want to know what is important to you and what will make you truly happy.

I will help you create an entertainment driven agenda, customize the music, and personalize every aspect of how I will interact with your guests.

My personal time invested in every wedding is about 25 hours.  Between personal planning, meetings, music prep, custom announcement prep, coordinating with your group of wedding pros to everything I do on the day of your celebration.

Maleah & Alex Wedding Video Highlight

Check out this country inspired wedding that was held outside at a private residence.

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