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We'd love to help you find out if are a fit for you for your next big event

Can we meet with you to make sure you are a good fit for our wedding?

Absolutely, I rarely book a wedding with out meeting the couple in person or at the very least on zoom. This allows you to interview me, ask a lot of questions to see if we are a good fit for your wedding. I will too be asking you a lot of questions, this helps me get an idea of what your vision is, your musical interests and to share with you my approach in preparing for every wedding that I DJ.


What makes you different than any other DJ

I believe it's my approach to planning, preparing and delivering an exceptional experience for you and your guests.  I am highly personable, and invest more time up front than most DJ's which I believe is the foundation to any event.  I do not have a cookie cutter template and there is no one size fits all. I believe in mixing songs, fun mashup's, and building an atmosphere where the flow is smooth and fun.


How do you work with couples to create an agenda/timeline?

Regardless if you have hired a wedding planner or not, I will help guide and create an agenda that is entertainment driven with all of the important details.  Each agenda is unique to you, your ideas, important announcements, special dances, who is offering a speech or toast to the grande finale!


Will you be willing to take requests and discuss music ahead of time?

Music is great, it should fit the vibe and style you want at your event. It is super important that we discuss this dynamic in detail, review everything that you want and do not want played.  As far as requests go, this is an option that I like to leave up to you to decide. I personally think allowing requests are good, I often find out musical gems that will push the group further.  The bigger question I think is, how would I handle a request that does not fit with you are going for.... 


How will you interact with my guest as my Emcee?

This is a topic I often discuss with all of my couples. My level of interaction will depend on a few factors. I see myself as representing you and your families when I am on the Microphone. I customize all of my announcements that add a lot of personalization.  For example, when it is time for a toast or introduction of a special dance I will announce it in a way that lets your guests know who will be speaking, how you are related or know them and recognize that special person in your life by including their names. 


How much time do you invest in preparing for a wedding?

It may surprise you, but on average I will invest close to 25 hours in planning, meetings, music and customized announcements prep to ensure the day of your wedding is a huge success.  My goal, is for your guests to leave saying "That was the best wedding ever" 


How much time do you need to set up?

I can set up 2 sound systems in under an hour, however I prefer to show up 2 hours early. This allows me to take my time, perform sound checks, make any adjustments to ensure everything is sounding perfect.


What are the next steps, do you provide a contract, what is the deposit?

Let's schedule some time to meet on the phone, zoom or in person. You can easily reserve the date with a 30% retainer and I will provide you with a contract that ensures you will get myself as your Entertainment Host, MC and DJ.

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